Onewheel Plus

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Onewheel Plus Electric Skateboard

What Onewheel has to say about the Onewheel+

Simply put, the most beautiful ride on the planet. Snowboard all season, hack your commute, dominate any terrain and try to wipe that grin off your face! Because there’s no reason the coffee run shouldn’t be the highlight of your day. So easy mom can do it, so fun the pros can’t get enough of it.

What makes the Onewheel stand out:

  • The revolutionary hub motor gives plenty of torque to climb over anything
  • 19-mph top speed with a 5 - 7 mile range
  • 20-minute charge time
  • Connect your iPhone, Android, or smart watch to the Onewheel to ride with digital shaping and receive automatic updates
  • Made in the USA

Technical Features


We heard a lot of “that’s not possible” while designing Hypercore, and we listened to none of it. 

Completely redesigned, our new Hypercore motor takes performance to the next level. More power and more speed mean the trail just got smoother and your commute just got shorter. The next level is waiting for you.


Kicked up so you can kick down. 

Pure footpad bliss wrapped in hardwood. Surestance provides the flexibility to customize your stance coupled with the comfort and control of nose and tail kick. Be confident, be comfy, be in control.

Digital Shaping 2.0

Digital Shaping 2.0 provides the pinnacle of performance, comfort and control. Inspired by surfboard shapers creating different boards for different rides, Digital Shaping 2.0 offers a complete quiver of Shapings selectable from your smartphone.